The National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni works with its members and scholars of color to enhance the education profession by promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. We encourage you to learn more about our mission, goals, and bylaws and work with us as we impact the field of education

Conceptual Descriptors of the NAHSA Mission

  1. Professional development of scholars of color (particularly Holmes Scholars ®) and NAHSA members
    • NAHSA will support the purposeful and continuous growth of its members (both individually and collectively) that is fostered in an environment of nurture and support.
    • NAHSA will uphold the development of a mentoring network for scholars of color as they move into the professoriate.
  2. Leadership development within the education profession
    • NAHSA will engage in the leadership development of like-minded education professionals for the aim of promoting issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and excellence within the broader profession (i.e., P–12, higher education, and political arenas in the US).
  3. Policy reform
    • NAHSA will remain active at the forefront of shaping the broader policy and political environment for the promotion of equity, diversity, inclusion, and excellence within the profession.
  4. Promotion of equity, diversity, and inclusion
    • NAHSA believes the ideals of equity, diversity, and inclusion are the cornerstone of excellence and quality in education. These ideals are more than philosophical conjectures; they are the core principles that undergird democracy within the profession and in society. They are political in the sense that they must forever be advocated, struggled for, and protected.
  5. Partnering with external stakeholders who advance similar missions
    • NAHSA seeks to establish networks and coalitions within the profession for the advancement of its goals and mission and for continuous research in the essential areas of education.
    • NAHSA seeks to develop partnerships with organizations to shape relevant educational policy.
  6. Sustainability
    • NAHSA seeks to establish sound organizational practices and procedures.
    • NAHSA is committed to continuous renewal and succession planning.
    • NAHSA will sustain its partnerships with external stakeholders who advance similar missions.


  1. Increase active membership among NAHSA members
  2. Support the development of culturally competent and socially conscious elementary, secondary, and higher education personnel
  3. Maintain fiscal and organizational health
  4. Develop organizational infrastructure and systematic evaluation
  5. Promote mentorship among scholars of color (Holmes Scholars®) and NAHSA members
  6. Engage in partnerships that positively impact the broader profession