In accordance with the mission and goals of the NAHSA, our mentorship program supports professional development and leadership among its members and scholars of color to enhance research, practice, and policy within the broader education profession. The mentorship program offers a systematic process for supporting the establishment of relationships among mentors and mentees and utilizes the NAHSA mentorship spiral model as a guide for supporting the development of mentees as colleagues.

The Selection Process for Mentorship

The mentorship committee makes every effort to pair mentors and mentees according to their professional and research interests and the stated preferences for communication. Once the committee creates a pair, a committee member will notify both the mentor and mentee of the results and provide each member with contact information and a brief bio of the mentor and mentee. Because NAHSA seeks to maintain integrity of mentorship, a mentor will typically work with no more than two mentees at a given time.

NAHSA Support for Mentorship and Evaluation

We assign each mentor-mentee pair a designated liaison from the NAHSA mentorship committee, who serves as a resource. If either member has a question about NAHSA expectations or resources for mentorship, he or she should contact the liaison or the chair of the mentorship committee. We also provide additional resources for mentorship on the NAHSA website. Each mentor-mentee pair should participate in the annual mentorship evaluation. NAHSA uses the data from the evaluation to continually improve mentorship procedures.

Become a Mentor or Mentee

To participate in the NAHSA mentorship program as either a mentee or mentor, please provide us with relevant information regarding your mentorship needs/interests. While mentors are typically NAHSA members, interested mentees may include scholars, graduates, and NAHSA members. The mentorship survey is available online.

For information about NAHSA Mentorship, please contact Dr. Kristopher Hall or Dr. Monique Matute-Chavarria, mentorship co-chairs.

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